Remote-controlled forklifts

The wireless remote control opens up completely new dimensions.
You can drive, steer and brake the vehicle by remote control.
The Mast can bee Raised, tilt and lowered.
The forks can Raised and lowered, and the fork adjustment and sideshift, and extend and retract the counterweight.

The remote control option can be installed in any type of drive (electric and combustion).

We also offer our remote controlled forklifts without cabin.
Benefit from the weight and cost savings.

Remote controlled electric forklift without cabin.
All functions are controlled by remote control.

However, the truck also has the option to use a joystick on board
and a (standing) driver's seat to operate the most important functions directly inside the vehicle.

A further feature is the height-adjustable fork on one side,
which makes it easier to pick up inclined loads.

Also ideal for levelling in situations where the truck is on uneven ground.

MKF CS 300 E

Self charging electric forklift

30 tons lifting force
Remote Control
Diesel genset for independent charging
Removeable counterweight (2 steps)
Telescopic crane
Terminal-West quick change system

Load Centre:600 mm
Length:3940 mm
Width:1800 mm