Are you looking for a vehicle that nobody can offer you?

We build individually for you! Our production adapts to your needs.

All types of drive: gas, diesel, electric

Emission-reduced diesel drive or low-emission LPG trucks.
Thanks to our patented electric-hydrostatic drive,
the MKF electric lift trucks offer the same performance values as the MKF gas and diesel lift trucks.

Available with all types of attachments

Our vehicles are available with all types of attachments.
E.g. electromagnet with tilting mechanism, Paper roll clamp, Feed unit, Forge clamp,
Coil boom and rotation device, or trailer crane.
Most compact, shortest construction, details such as
hydraulically liftable cab, rotating workstation, comfort cab
with stationary air conditioner or extendable counterweight to increase
of the stability are our standards.

Remote Control

The wireless remote control opens up new dimensions for you.
You can drive, steer and brake the vehicle via remote control.
Raise, tilt and lower the lift mast, lift and lower the forks,
Operate fork adjustment and sideshift, and extend and retract counterweight.

The remote control option can be used with any type of drive (electric and combustion).
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  • short - compact - manoeuvrable

  • Single unit production or small series

  • Planning, construction and production

  • up to 80 tons of lifting force

  • Gas-, diesel- or electricdrive (AC)

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